Baby Its Cold

Our annual Facebook on-line auction starts at  9 am January 18 and ends at 5 pm on Saturday January 26. We will tag the winning bids on Facebook.  If you have questions about an item, please email us as we may not see it on the page.

Place your Bid under the picture of the item you want to win. We are accepting donations to this event until Friday January 14, but earlier is better. Think about things you may have purchased or have been gifted and never used: for example  Black Friday specials,  wine and liquor and or  very gently used items. Drop off items at the shelter and label them “For On-Line Auction” If you have any large CLEAR plastic bags (extra large zip lock bags or recycled large bags) we would love them.

NO BIDDING until January 18 at 9 am, but here is a LINK to the current items.

We will have  Buy it Now!  items scattered throughout the album. You can win and claim those items by bidding the Buy it Now price.

Items must be paid for and picked up at our shelter starting on Sunday the 27th. We will list pick up times. All items not claimed and paid for by 430 pm on Friday February 4 will be offered to the second highest bidder.

This  fundraiser helps us pay for the care of the over 1200 cats and dogs who will find homes through our organization this year. You are the lifeline to their survival!

Paws and Claws
3224 19th Street NW
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(507) 288-7226
Pet Viewing Hours
Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 12:30 to 4:30 pm
Tuesday & Thursday 2 to 7 pm
Closed Sundays
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